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    Looking for guidance on monitoring Cisco SX Codec video cameras with SolarWinds


      Hello Folks,


      I have recently started using SolarWinds again (it’s been a couple of years so I have forgotten quite a bit) and I am looking for guidance on how to monitor Cisco SX Codec video cameras. I was wondering if anyone out there is currently doing this and if I could get some ideas or a leg up from their experience. The type of things they want to monitor, create reports, and alert on are:


      First pass

      ·         Device up/down

      ·         Jitter

      ·         Latency

      ·         Packet Loss (> 0.5% implies poor video quality)


      Second pass

      ·         Tagging

      ·         Configuration Enforcement

      ·         QoS

      ·         Topology Mapping


      Thanks for any help in advance!