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    Historical Netflow Reports




      Does anyone else run Netflow reports over a longer period of time than 24hrs. All the pre-defined Netflow reports are defaulted to 24hrs, but I have a customer who wants the top conversations for a week. If I run the report for the last 24 hrs, it works fine, but when I edit that report to the last 7 days the report times out. I have even changed the time to 48 hrs and tried that but that fails also.

      As the report default for Sample Interval is "all Values" I thought maybe there is too much data for the 7 day report to handle so I changed that to Summarise to 1 hour but that fails also.


      This is quiet a large network with ALOT of netflow data. For 1 months data the NTA database is over 150gb. Is it just asking too much or is there another reason the 24 report works but longer time periods fail?


      The failure i get is this

      Unexpected Website Error

      Request timed out.


      Also, if i try the default report for 1 hour this works fine, so my gut feeling is that there is soo much data that there is some timeout setting thats stopping this from working.


      The other odd thing is if i go to the interface page in netflow and modify the time period in there and change the TOP 5 conversations to 100 this works fine, but there is no way to export that into a report format.