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    3rd party install package says successful but not installing anything


      New to SWPM and I'm trying to roll out WebEx Productivity Tools.  The goal is to create an update that uninstalls GoToMeeting and installs WebEx ptools in one update.  The process of testing the update is very long and tedious.  I have to clone the package (If I don't clone it the test systems always show up to date), delete it from the main WSUS server, delete it from the downstream servers, wait..........  Keep checking to see if it's Not Published and deleted.  Edit my clone of the package and delete the old one.  Make a small change, re-publish it, Approve it for my test group, wait for it to sync to downstream server, and test on test system.  The update will not write any log files where I specify.  I have to go through Windows Event Logs to see what went wrong.  Is there no way to create an installer package I can dump to a .MSI file and run as a test before I publish it to WSUS and wait forever for everything to sync?



      Prerequisite Rule:

      Comparison="GreaterThanOrEqualTo"MajorVersion="6"MinorVersion="0"ServicePackMajor="0"ServicePackMinor="0"ProductType="1" [Greater than or equal to Vista and a Workstation]

      Package Boot Editor

      <packageboot version="" id="dd53b76e-babc-410f-8901-426d0989f5f1">




              <program failureaction="continue" enabled="true" name="G2MSetup7.2.3019_IT.msi" type="msi" typeaction="install" enablemsilogging="true" msilogfile="c:\HGI\G2M\" successcode="0">/uninstall</program> [run the G2M MSI with the /uninstall string and continue even if failed]





              <program failureaction="stop" enabled="true" name="ptools.msi" type="msi" typeaction="install" enablemsilogging="true" msilogfile="c:\Folder\ptools\" successcode="0, 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237, 1238, 1239, 1240, 1241, 1242, 1243, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1248, 1249, 1633, 1634, 1641, 3010">SITEURL="https://website.webex.com" OI=1 OC=1 OFFICE=1</program> [Run the ptools.msi with the string SITEURL="https://website.webex.com" OI=1 OC=1 OFFICE=1 as taken from page 3 https://support.webex.com/US/PT/wx_pt_ag.pdf]






      Applicability Rules

      <msiar:MsiProductInstalled ProductCode="{AD74B56A-FF90-4013-A1E9-E51B296EFFD0}"/> [Check to see if ptools is already installed]

      Installed Rules

      Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"Subkey="SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\WebEx\ProdTools"Value="Path"RegType32="false"Path="PTIM.exe"Comparison="GreaterThanOrEqualTo"Version="2913.1100.1509.317"/>  [Check the registry for the path to PTIM.exe and compare versions.  If version # is greater or equal then it's already installed.]


      I'm not really sure where I'm going wrong or if there is a better way to test this update.  I read through numerous posts and watched videos on this.  I've tried the Detect Now and Report now options described in many posts.  I really need a way to test the update quickly find out why it's not working with the desired effect and make changes and try again.  Thank in advance.  Here's the Package Details:


      WebEx Productivity Tools


         Update/Package ID:    798bc896-8bef-4521-89fd-a556251c72f4
         Update Type:    Software
         Download URL:    file://fileserver/path/Software Distribution/WebEx/ptools.msi
         Command Line Arguments:    SITEURL="https://website.webex.com" OI=1 OC=1 OFFICE=1
         Package Type:    Windows Installer File (.msi)
         KB ID:   
         Security Bulletin ID:   
         CVE ID:   
         Severity:    None
         Classification:    Tools
         Creation Time:    9/21/2015 10:42:54 AM
         Supported Languages:    English
         Downloaded:    Yes
         Package Size:    9.72 (MB)
         SHA1 Digest:    6HbrtTZ/u9P5boNJVVf2isbOE9g=
         Source File Last Modified:    2/14/2014 10:29:38 AM
         Last Modified:    9/22/2015 11:14:38 AM
         Arrival Date:    9/21/2015 10:42:54 AM
         Additional Files:   

         Direct Download:    Yes
         Uses Package Boot:    Yes
         Metadata Only:    No
         Is Published:    Yes


      WebEx Productivity Tools include the WebEx One-Click program and WebEx integrations with other programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, and instant messengers. Using One-Click and the WebEx integrations, you can schedule, start, or join online meetings quickly, without having to go to your WebEx service Web site.


         Expired:    No

      Additional Details

      Addtional Information:
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