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    Find nodes that are scheduled to be unmanaged (tonight...so HELP!)


      I was able to get a bit farther in my attempt to use schedule unmanage of my nodes. I grouped by region and successfully did it by selecting the all nodes in the region.


      NOW I need to find out what servers I set to unmanage tonight as we want them to be managed now. (long story which I'll divulge if anyone is interested)


      What I'm really looking for is a page/report/menu/app where I can see what servers are scheduled to be unmanaged during tonight's patching window.


      Urgent help needed, please!

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          Just in case you have not found anything yet, the following link from alexslv should give you everything you need.

          Resource to display unmanaged information on the node page including user info


          If you remove the 2nd to last line from the query, it will show you all unmanaged nodes, when they were unmanaged, how long they have been unmanaged, how much time remains until they are managed again, and even who unmanaged each node.


          Change the WHERE part from this:


            n.NodeID = '${NodeID}' AND
            n.UnManaged = '1'

          to this


          -- n.NodeID = '${NodeID}' AND
            n.UnManaged = '1'


          Then all you have to do is put it into either a web report, or report writer report.

          This is how I use it, and it works like a charm.



          I hope this helps.


          Thank you,



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              Hey @wluther,


              I had to leave the office before I saw this.  I had a support case open with SWinds support in parallel to my ask here.


              I'm not doubting this would work.  My aim was to find a previously unknown to me area in the Orion web portal to see the info I was looking for.


              I know there is a 2-year old feature request for schedulable maintenance modes for SWinds.  IMHO that's a pretty important thing and it shouldn't languish for another two years..  At least in my world with bi-monthly patching schedules where groups of nodes must be unmonitored on a schedule that is not always the same this is needed.


              In the case of my ask I learned to see nodes in the current state of unmanaged you do the following:


              -Go to Settings --> Manage Node
              -Changed "group by" to status
              -You should see the nodes that are unmanaged. Select them and then select remanage.

              I'm pretty sure your SQL querying is sound.  It's just my opinion that a solution shouldn't let you schedule alerting to stop without also showing you what is scheduled to stop alerting and then give a path to cancel this break in alerting. If it began on the web portal it should be enabled in the web portal.  So far I'm not sure Solarwinds is and that scares me!


              What I was able to do is check what SWinds support said to check when the patching started, see my now unmanged nodes and remanage them.  That worked fine, however it's not at all convenient.