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    Waiting for Multiple Objects to Meet the Trigger Condition


      Hi, so I am having issues with this particular complex condition part of alerting.  My understanding of this is that I set say 5 objects to meet the criteria of the alert condition and instead of me getting 5 individual alerts, I should only get 1.  The issue is that its not working for me and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.


      So for example in the picture above I'm setting up to alert to let me know when two transactions goes unknown.  It doesn't even send me an alert at all when I force two transactions to go unknown!  Also another time I have one transaction up and another unknown and I keep getting alerts every two minutes.  Can someone please help me understand how to use this, maybe what's going on, or if I should submit a help desk ticket with SolarWinds?  Thank you so much in advance!