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    Convert Function available in SWQL studio?


      I am trying to use CONVERT in SWQL studio and am getting this error:

      "Cannot resolve property Float"

      Now, the SDK documentation does not list CONVERT or CAST as available functions, but SWQL studio gives this error when using ROUND -

      "Implicit conversion from data type datetime to float is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query." suggesting, at least to me, that I should use CONVERT.

      Here is the SQL from the window in SWQL Studio:


      SELECT  TOP 10

      HOUR(CPULoad.DateTime) AS Hour,

      MINUTE(CPULoad.DateTime) AS MINUTE,

      SECOND(CPULoad.DateTime) AS SECOND,

      MILLISECOND(CPULoad.DateTime) AS mS,

      DATETRUNC('minute', CPULoad.DateTime) as DateTrunc,


      ROUND(DateTime,4) AS Round,


      FROM Orion.CPULoad


      What I would like is to round the DateTime to the nearest minute in a SWIS query to pass the data to a display package. 

      The SQL generated by the Orion Report writer does it like this:


      SELECT  TOP 10000 Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)*24)/24,0) AS SummaryDateTime,
      Nodes.SysName AS System_Name,
      AVG(CPULoad.AvgLoad) AS AVERAGE_of_AvgCPULoad,
      MIN(CPULoad.MinLoad) AS MIN_of_MinCPULoad,
      MAX(CPULoad.MaxLoad) AS MAX_of_MaxCPULoad
      Nodes INNER JOIN CPULoad ON (Nodes.NodeID = CPULoad.NodeID)
      ( DateTime BETWEEN 42260.5 AND 42260.625 )
        (Nodes.SysName LIKE 'phlprlxsyboltp00%')
      GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)*24)/24,0),
      ORDER BY SummaryDateTime ASC

      But it seems that this method is not available in SWIS?


      SWQL Studio is

      Attachement contains screenshots from SWQL studio.