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    Roll out Skype for Business via Patch Manager


      We approved the updates required to update Microsoft Lync 2013 to Skype for Business.  Though prior to "flipping the switch" on our Lync 2013 server we only have IT users set to the SkypeFB UI, whereas others are set to Lync.  Though when the updates installed it displayed SkypeFB, the welcome screen and then a message saying the administrator would like you to use the Lync interface instead, they click restart and lync appears again.  However people are excited and can't wait to try the new UI, so we want to eventually 'flip the switch' on our global policy in the lync server to enable the SkypeFB UI.


      However some of these smart people notice the icon even in Lync mode is the new S (skype) logo, and some people are asking why on some computers its the L(ync) icon while others its the S(kype) icon and when can they get the update.  So I am trying to figure out in Patch manager how to force the proper updates to install, but the issue I am getting is on these problem machines, it is returning that the updates are Not Applicable.


      I've read the MS KB article here:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2889923

      I created an update list with the April 14th update to lync 2013 KB 2889923 and I also approved the Lync/Skype FB security updates for the months thereafter, including the office prerequisites like Office 2013 SP1 KB 2850036.  Still even with the other prereq's in the update list, when I go to push them to two computers that I know do not have the updates installed (They are still on Lync 2013), it says not applicable.


      Anyone know if I'm missing something here?  Is there a way to force an update that is N/A?

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          No, you can't force an update that is detecting as Not Applicable.


          The Not Applicable is being returned from the Windows Update Agent on that machine, and is typically coming back because one of the rules in the package (either Prerequisite Rules or Applicability Rules) evaluated as False.    For the 3rd party packages that SolarWinds provides you can usually just look at those rules directly and figure out what's evaluating as false, but what rules are being evaluated is not so evident when you're talking about a 'normal' KB update from Microsoft.


          From Lawrence's comments at the bottom of this article it does look like it is possible (but not necessarily easy) to get into the WSUS database and examine the rules.

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            Ok thanks for the response.

            It must be a Microsoft issue at this point. I downloaded the updates manually from Microsoft and when I run them it says they do not apply to the system.


            I'm not sure why but some computers with Office 2010 on them are just not eligible to run Skype for Business.  Some can get the update, but some cannot.  I haven't run into an Office 2013 computer with an issue yet.


            So this is not a Solarwinds patch management issue, this is a Microsoft issue.  Thank you for your time!