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    Interesting one  : Node page says Node Down - SNMP is still working - No alert for the Node Down?


      Afternoon all,


      I have a bit of an odd one here:


      • Node is being polled via SNMP, response time and availability is configured to use ICMP Ping.
      • ICMP is failing to the device, but SNMP is working fine (stats being retrieved etc).
      • Due to ICMP failing, the node status is set to status DOWN, but there are no alerts generated for this in the event log, no associated 'node down' alerts or triggers configured are firing off for this node.


      Odd, right? My question is this: Is NPM now clever enough in 11.5.2 to only fire off an alert for 'node down', for a node polled via SNMP, when BOTH ICMP and SNMP are failing? If not, have I discovered a bug?


      I can only assume that there is something like this going on, as the alerts etc are configured correctly, but it's simply not seeing this particular node as 'officially' down.


      NPM: 11.5.2 (other modules are installed)