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    Live Chat for Web Help Desk


      Does anyone know if WHD supports or has a built in capability to run live chat sessions?

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          SolarWinds' DameWare product integrates into WHD and allows you to chat with an end user during a remote support session. It will then save the chat transcript as part of the ticket when the session ends.

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            The product itself does not contain a chat feature to date, it@ offers an integration component, but this is more tied to the asset versus the client. Assuming the client is at that asset at the time of remote control with DameWare, you have the option to chat and the notes will follow to the ticket once the session has ended.


            It would seem to me, based on Polls (Voting) and some feature/ enhancement requests, the product development team might be investigating this functionality in a future release. It would be nice if they outlined their current intentions given the last update to their blog, etc. With this said, and before they tell you to open a feature request, I would see what has been requested and vote on it.


            Here is one with the highest amount of votes to date out of 4 request to add this feature: Live Chat Capability

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              Good Call, I have voted for SolarWinds to have a CHAT Support Option with my comment as shown below.


              A SolarWinds Support Live CHAT option 27/7 will be good for us to be able to get the gudance we need when we need it.


              I trust that SolarWinds will take this in to serious consideration and have it available for us soon.