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    Getting CBQoS to work on a Cisco 887VA virtual-template interface




      I'm struggling to get CBQoS to work on the virtual-template on our 887VA's on NTA. Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

      I can get netflow from the VT, but the only way to get CBQoS is to apply the service-policy to the ATM interface. And if I apply flow and QoS to the ATM I only get QoS, not flow.

      I can't get both from the same interface.

      I've tried different IOS versions up to Version 15.4(3)M1


      Here's the VT config:


      interface Virtual-Template1

      description xxxxxxx

      bandwidth 1120

      bandwidth receive 8128

      ip unnumbered Loopback0

      ip nbar protocol-discovery

      ip flow ingress

      ip flow egress

      ppp chap hostname xxxxxxx@adslconnect.bt.com

      ppp chap password 0 xxxxxxx

      service-policy output Voice-VideoLLQ


      Any help would be appreciated.