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    Wireless Network Monitoring




      Just duplicating my query which I had posted earlier in an old discussion.


      I have started managing a new bank network and trying to implement some new methods for monitoring and alerting through Solarwinds NPM 11.0 version.

      We have a Wireless Network where they have deployed Cisco 5500 Wireless Controllers with CISCOAIR-CAP3502I-S-K9 and CAP3602 Light Weight Access Points. They do not have a centralized Wireless Managing Tool like Cisco WCS and Prime and I am trying to see if I can make use of Solarwinds NPM 11.0 for the same.

      I have a good knowledge on managing wireless network using Prime and would like to see if I can monitor our Wifi network for any interference and the traffic loss that is happening with NPM.

      I know these features are in built in Cisco Prime and there should be a way we can get this done through Solarwinds.


      The below are few instances that I owuld like to focus first:

      • wired traffic stats

      • interference levels

      • signal strenghts and drops if any

      • client count threshold breach

      • client mac address

      • radius accounting and authentication for particular SSID

      • co-channel interferance problems

      • ascertaining model numbers for the various APs



      Kindly help.

      Thank you!