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    database enormous size


      I am facing database  size problem with my Orion database. I use Orion 10.7 and i am monitoring for about 2 months with 354 Nodes(Other information is included in the following attachments). Our database size is more than 100GB which I find it quite bizarre and so far I searched and read a lot around this issue(including database size) however I couldn't find a proper answer for it ....

      is it normal to have this size for Orion database? if it isn't what could be possibly the cause of this matter and how am I going to fix it?

      thanks in advance

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          Wireless traffic is INCREDIBLY chatty; I'd suggest significantly reducing the wireless polling frequency, or monitoring less about it, or offloading it to a different solution (I use Cisco PRIME for wireless management).


          When I had my Cisco 5508 controllers reporting all their data and alerts to Orion for syslog info and alerts they overwhelmed my ability to get useful information and alerts--I was absolutely buried.  I first built filters to limit the alerts, but then found the syslogs were growing so quickly it became important to find a different solution for the WLAN traffic records.


          If this isn't the solution, I'll be watching to see what others recommend, and perhaps I'll learn something and take away a better solution.


          Good luck!