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    Caption vs SysName. Reinstallation of CPEs



      we have a plant of thousands of CPEs (Cisco, Juniper, etcetera) managed through NPM. Our release is not the last one. This is because customer doesn't want to upgrade if everything is working perfectky well.

      When a router is re-installed and the IP is reused, then we have the known problem Caption vs Sysname (There are some posts dated several years ago). The name that you can see on the router is different than the name you have on NPM. I want to know which are the options to solve that. I have read some years ago a process to could update the Caption (that is the name that is uses Solarwinds)  writing on the Database directly. I want to know if there is other options, configuring the Rediscover in other way? Other options in post releases?

      Thank you very much