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    "Alert actions execute for deleted objects" whether this issue is resolved in 11.5.1 completly or not?

    sparkle d

      Hi all,


      We have upgraded our environment  from 11.0.1 to 11.5 recently and we faced issue of deleted node sending the node down alerts, when contacted the Solarwinds support they said that its a bug and asked us to reset the alerts.

      Support asked us to upgrade to latest 11.5.2 version to resolve the issue, they even said that even 11.5.1 version is having the problem of "Alert actions execute for deleted objects."


      But in the 11.5.1 release notes it has given that the issue ""Alert actions execute for deleted objects." has got fixed.


      To upgrade to 11.5.2, in the Release Notes it is mentioned that 11.5.2 has the issue that the "sending SNMP trap action is not working properly, When editing an alert to consider a different object, the alert actions are executed twice."

      Any one Could you please advise on this , whether to go with which version either with 11.5.1 or 11.5.2.


      Could you please let us know whether Alert actions execute for deleted objects is fixed in 11.5.1 completely or not ?


      Any one please let me know whether they have any issue with the "SNMP Trap action" after the upgrade to 11.5.2.



      Thanks in Advance