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    Challenge:  Export manually created nodes that are polled via ICMP, with manually assigned names.  Import into separate NPM.  Why can't it be done?


      My old NPM has a few thousand nodes that were added one by one over years.  Each one has a manually created name and a manually assigned IP address.


      My new NPM needs those entries installed in it.  I can't find a way to do it.


      I can export the entire list from the earlier version of NPM, save it in Excel or .csv format.


      I can import the list into the new NPM.  But here's where I run into problems:


      The import has to "match to" and "import to" specific columns between the old version and the new one.  Although it seems they're essentially identical, in fact there is no place to which I can import the Node Name.  It seems it has to be imported to a custom field.


      Old NPM export--search on part of the device's name, then select them all, then choose "Export custom property values".

      This doesn't work because I can't import the customized Name into the new NPM.



      New NPM only allows import into a limited number of fields; I don't understand why I can't take my old nodes, listed by name and address, and import them directly into new NPM.


      New NPM import options:


      But I don't want to import a "custom property value"--I want to import a normal node with normal values like Node Name and IP Address.




      When I proceed with the import from the old NPM's exported nodes:




      It looks like I get IP Address and Node Name.


      I click on Validate, then when it's successful I click Import.


      But when I search for those new nodes that I thought were being imported, none of them are present.


      Do I have to manually recreate every one in NPM?  I hope not . . .


      One option mentioned is to use Network Sonar to discover nodes; that won't work here because these nodes have manually assigned names in the older NPM.  I need a way to get them and their IP addresses exported out, and imported into the new NPM.