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    Can history be disabled?


      Is it possible to disable history per client?  Or for all clients?  We are a hospital, and using LDAP for user logins.  Not all our employees have windows accounts, and we had planned to use a few generic accounts.  We cannot do that because of the risk of patient information being entered into a ticket and that history being seen by other persons using that generic login.  Unless there's more options than what I have found, we won't be able to use any generic logins.  Can someone please tell me that I'm blind, and this option exists? 

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          Generic logins for a helpdesk seems like a bad idea. Having been in IT for 16 years, and in healthcare for 7 of them, there's little you should ever be doing with a generic login past an auto login to the computers. You should be syncing WHD's LDAP to your staff OU, not to your kiosk/auto login accounts. If a user needs access to any system, it should only be via their login.


          But that's just my $0.02.



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            To my knowledge, no. Consider the fact that history contains current tickets that are open, not just the resolved/ closed cases, this is something that would be counter productive to meet client-side needs/ features. Timmeers provided some guidance to a better approach given the lack of configurable options with WHD to achieve your request.

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