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    Can an NPM alert include UDP that's not part of the trigger?




      We have two MIB-based UDPs assigned to a node, and a third transformed UDP assigned to the same node which is a sum of the other two.  All three are part of the same UDP group if that matters.  The value we're interested in for measuring/alerting purposes is the transformed sum value.  But we'd like to include the other two source UDP values in the alert. 


      Since the variable names in the alerting interface are the same for all three, I can't find a way to include the other two UDPs in the alert, even though they're not part of the alert trigger criteria. 


      Trigger conditions:


      Alert Message:

      Variable ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPoller.UniqueName} on ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.SysName} is currently at ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPollerStatusScalar.Status} used sessions. 


      In the alert we want to also show the individual values of the other two UDP counters.  Can't figure out how to do this.  In the alert, the ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPoller.UniqueName} & ${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPollerStatusScalar.Status} variables refer to the transformed sum value (since that's what the trigger condition refers to).  I can't find a way to include the value of these unrelated variables that have the same name. 


      What am I missing here?