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    Client Attribute Names - Modifiable?


      Is it possible to modify the Client Attribute Names? i.e., I would like to change the name of 'Phone' and 'Phone 2' to 'Office' and 'Mobile'.

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          Digging a bit deeper I found the Labels.properties file that had this configuration.


          A different question I suppose. If I upgrade between version, will my modified properties files carry over or will I need to modify them after each upgrade?

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              For others that might find this, here is a KB that talks about the labels.properties and also about customizing those labels (to rename something or to use alternate languages with WHD):



              To answer your second question:

              The proper way to do it is to create another file:   CustomLabels.properties   

              It can be a blank file except for the particular labels that you wish to 'override' (one label per line).

              When the system goes to display a particular label, if the CustomLabels.properties file exists it will look there first.  If it doesn't exist, or if that particular label is not in CustomLabels.properties then it will read the label from the Labels.properties file.


              If you do it that way, you should not need to change it each time the program is updated.  However, if you directly modified labels.properties there is a chance that that particular file could get overwritten during an upgrade.