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    Node status change to Up time frame




           I am looking for information on what is the length of time and process Solarwinds uses to change the status of a Node from Down to Up? While researching the forums I did find the below piece of information providing the process used by Solarwinds to classify a Node as Down, but i have not been able to find anything about changing the status back to Up once the Node replies to ICMP ping requests.


      "On a status poll orion performs an ICMP ping operation.  If that ping fails then we set the Node to Warning Status and begin Fast Poll.  By default, we will poll in Fast Poll mode for 120 seconds and send a ping every 10 seconds.  (120 seconds configurable from your Polling Settings page - Node Warning Level).  If after the 120 seconds, all of the pings sent every 10 seconds have failed, then we will mark the node as Down.  So on average it will take 13 failed pings to set a node to the Down status."

      I currently have my Node status check configured to use ICMP and my standard polling rate is 300 seconds with an ICMP timeout value of 750ms.