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    Database syncing issues, causing a complete failure of NPM


      My superiors have let my NPM support expire and it will take me weeks to get it back.  In the meantime, our devices aren't being monitored consistently.


      Noticed issues:


      1. We don't get any alerting.  Normally if a server goes down or a hard drive fills up we get an alert.  That doesn't happen while this issue is taking place.

      2. If I go to Polling Engines from the settings page I see that Last Database Update basically stopped working and is showing some massive number.

      3. I see the Solarwinds Job Engine V2 and Solarwinds Information server stopping and starting occasionally in the Orion Service Manager.

      4. Polling data is incorrect.  I'm sure this is just because it's not updating the database, but it's worth noting that the information in any server's page in NPM is showing incorrect data and a next polling time in the past.

      5. Polling rate in the Polling Engines settings tab seems high in the 70 - 80 percentile on average.  Occasionally it goes above 100 and I get a warning.


      Anyone had issues with this in the past that you were able to solve?  Any standard troubleshooting steps I could take?  I've bounced the server and services often.  It has an effect but not lasting.  I can provide any other information you might need.


      Thank you.