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      Hi all,


      Please advise about the preparation materials apart from scp videos to pass the certification.


      Are these videos enough to clear the certification?


      how many times can we take the test?


      Thanks much in anticipation.

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          Hi vigneshgv92

          I found the videos were good but I backed my preparation up by going through some of the Cisco CCNA training material especially sub-netting.



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            Super Dude

            I think you need experience in using the product itself also some knowledge and experience in networking as this will greatly help on the exam. Also visit the SCP Certification site and focus on the areas discussed on the exam prep guide, browse the thwack forum for SCP Certification related articles coming from the SCP certified passers. You can take the exam three times with 14 days waiting period on each take in case you failed. If you failed 3 times you need to re register.

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                Heynjiquezon, thanks for the help in explaining the process! Just to clarify/correct on the above, "You can take the exam three times with 14 days waiting period on each take in case you failed. If you failed 3 times you need to re register." , as we note in the registration confirmation email, you are allowed three (3) attempts to successfully complete the exam, with a seven (7) day "cool down" period between those attempts. 

                Also, we ask users to take a 6 month grace period before attempting to take the exam again. Once the six months is up, email us with the information you provided us prior and we’ll get you set up again: certification@solarwinds.com . But please do not re-register.

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                    Super Dude

                    Hi revbenae, thanks for clarification I believe the details on the mytestcom.net's Introduction to SCP Exam Video is not updated as it was mentioned there that the cool down period is 14 days and we need to re register in case we failed 3 times. The correction that you mentioned was well noted and I hope it will help future SCP as well.

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                  I came in to take the SCP exam today and discovered the
                  credentials provided when I registered don’t work at https://www.mytestcom.net/app/myTestcom.cfm?accountLogin=SolarWindsEDU.  Disappointment!


                  Why did this happen?  It can’t be that I took too long from the
                  time I initially registered to the time I actually tried to test, since the SW
                  e-mail says there’s no time limit between registering and testing.


                  Or, maybe it doesn’t work on weekends?  Today’s Saturday,
                  August 27.


                  I’ve tried with IE and Chrome and Firefox.  Perhaps worse,
                  the certificate for the site is invalid, and my browsers all barked at me for
                  trying to use a faulty cert to go to a secured site.  I had to write an
                  exception to allow me in.