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    How to add drive space alert on IP monitor?


      I am the administrator on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard (32-bit) - GSNAPRINT installed with IPmonitor tool version 9. I want to add an drive space alert for another server (Windows Server 2008 R2 - Standard - GSCTTLBACKUP) but was not successful.

      But there were other file shares which were added for monitoring on IPmonitor to the same server (GSCTTLBACKUP).


      I have attached the screenshot for reference. After I log on the GSNAPRINT server web console and I click on "Return to Device View" where I am not finding the second option.


      I am following this link https://support.ipmonitor.com/helps/649580d2e53d4207813667c9a7db0f12.aspx for configuring, but I am not able to find the second step as mentioned below.


      2.   Click the Monitors menu option, then select Add a Monitor.


      SNMP services are enabled on GSCTTLBACKUP server. Ping alert is working for the same server.


      Kindly help me!


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          Starting with version 9 of ipMonitor, a monitor has to be added to a device.  You will want to open a device, and then you can add your monitor.  Please see this screenshot:



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              I did not get an option of adding a monitor for an existing device GSCTTLBACKUP.

              Hence, I tried adding it as a new device.

              I clicked on Add > Add New Device


              IP address or hostname



              Clicked on Next> button.



              It said "Communicating with device"

              Found Existing Device Scan

              I then clicked on "View existing Results" option


              In Add New Device

              Summary for Device: gscttlbackup.na.gerberinc.net


              Device Name



              Parent Device Group

              All Managed Devices


              Monitor Name


              Modify Selection > Select Monitors to Add > SmartMonitor Settings > Drive Space, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Microsoft Search, File Server Storage Reports Manager,


              Ping - Selected


              Clicked on "Done" button.


              there is an "Advanced" options I found


              Monitor Naming Convention > The options available were as follows:




              3. INSTANCE TYPE

              4. INSTANCE SERVER



              Naming Convention Seperator > The options available were as follows:


              1. SPACE

              2. []

              3. |

              4. ,



              I selected "SPACE" option. Click on the "Create" button.


              Select Alert


              Select your configuration mode:


              Use an existing alert


              TollandIT 24x7


              Clicked on "Next" button



              I have attached screenshot for reference.