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    Chrome Scrolling when using Custom Properties


      This has been an annoyance for some time, and for some reason, I've finally been motivated enough to post here.


      We use custom properties to help with alerting and sorting of our nodes. When I add a new node, I have to select certain values from pre-set custom variables (e.g. City, Airport Code, HWTier). When I select one of these values, the page scrolls down to what I can only assume is an anchor point (the bottom of the "Back" "OK, Add Node" and "Cancel" buttons is lined up with the bottom of the browser window). Its really annoying, because I need to actually scroll back up so that I can set the next value.


      I'm using Chrome and NPM 11.5.2. It doesn't happen in IE11.


      Here is a gfycat that shows the issue. Annoying Orion Issue - Gfycat