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    Polling question


      Hello everyone


      I appreciate any help, direction, or advice I receive.  I am relatively new to the Orion system, but getting the hang of it pretty well.  My company is currently looking to go from one provider to the other.  But, the  higher ups would like to know the exact amount of bandwidth they would need for several of the sites.  My question is how would I set up Solarwinds to pole from several sites to know the Peak, and average usage for these sites over say 5 days?


      Thank you again!!

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          Monitor the WAN interface to see what the utilisation is of the link.


          So add in the router into NPM and monitor the WAN interface. You will then get lots of info on the link.

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              Craig Norborg

              Yes, I think the key is that as superfly99 said, monitor the WAN interface in NPM.   Since your question is in the NTA forum I think its a problem with trying to use the wrong product.   NTA is more about getting granular detail of what traffic is traversing a link, not peaks and averages.   NPM however does this quite handily as its all about averaging and figuring out peaks and such.


              So, instead of looking at NTA, look at NPM.   Since NTA is a module for NPM, you should be able to do that quite easily...