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    Pull data for multiple nodes


      Ok - is there a way I can either pull data for multiple nodes (in a get or post)? -

      I currently pull data (a few fields) looping through nodeID's but it takes 2-3 seconds to return and parse my data for each node.  Am working with about 1700 nodes for this data pull, so it takes more than 1 hour.  I would like to get this down to about 10 minutes.  So instead of polling for each node, I wanted to pass in an array of nodes and get the data back in one big pull, then parse it.  I am working with Perl.


      Also - as a less desirable alternative, I have a report created where I could see the same fields I need, is there any way to pull the data from the report using api?  I seem to only get back all the format and query data - not the actual data.


      thanks for any info.


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          What data are you trying to get? I would assume that a normal query would work for you. Like:


          SELECT ...a few fields...

          FROM Orion.Nodes

          WHERE NodeID IN (...1700 NodeID values...)

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              Just Orion.Node.Status, ResponseTime and PacketLoss %

              Currently am looping through one node at a time – then using rest/json to post – see code below


              I thought there was a way either in json or swiss to put an array as a $param

              Or is it as simiple as an array ref as $nodeID? (I actually didn't try this yet), just thought of it.




              my $hostname = x.x.x.x;

              my $username = xxxxx;

              my $password = xxxxx;


              my $endpoint = "https://$hostname:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json";


              $rest->getUseragent()->proxy(['https'], $endpoint);


              my $headers = {

                    Authorization => 'Basic ' . encode_base64($username . ':' . $password),

                   'Content-Type' => 'application/json'



              my $uri = "https://$hostname:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Query";


              my $json = JSON->new->allow_nonref->utf8;


              Foreach my $n(@nodeID) {


              my ($query,$params) = ("SELECT Caption,Status,ResponseTime,PercentLoss FROM Orion.Nodes WHERE NodeID = ".'@id', {'id'=>$nodeID})

              my $payload =  { query => $query, parameters => $params }; #formats the payload

              my $json_text = $json->encode($payload); #encodes


              my $response = $rest->POST($uri, $json_text, $headers);

              my $data = $json->decode($rest->responseContent());



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                  You can't pass the @nodeID array directly, but you can expand it into the query. Like this:


                  SELECT Caption, Status, ResponseTime, PercentLoss FROM Orion.Nodes WHERE NodeID IN (1, 2, 3, 4)

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                      So I wanted to keep this using JSON/REST because I am kicking this off from a linux box and my libs are restricted..


                      BUT you gave me a better idea - since my nodes are divided between two separate snmp Location strings. I change my query from NodeID to Location and ran once for each group.  It comes back SO fast I just have to parse out all the not needed devices then I have my data.  Takes about 10 seconds to run both pulls!


                      So thanks for the info that made me think this out a little better!!