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    Report on Interface status and time data last transmitted / received


      Hi all,


      Yes I am a total newbie to Orion SolarWinds. I am trying to create a report either web in Orion or Report Writer, that provides the data I can see in the interface tab of a node. I would like the combination of two of the selected items from the drop down list:


         Interface / Port Status


         Time data was last Transmitted / Received


      Basically I recover any switch ports that have not been utilized in over three months and am looking for a switchport state of up/down and no traffic for three months. I can view this data so I know it is collected, but I cannot find the correct selections in the Orion web report available resources.


      NCM I am using is Ver 7.3.2

      Can't find the version of SoarWinds NPM I am using but believe it is 11. something. Maybe 2nd newest version.