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    Orion NPM 10.7 & newer - Report Scheduler


      I've searched these forums and not found an answer, so opened a Ticket (859506) with SW support for the following:


      NPM Report Scheduler jobs not found in Windows Task Scheduler

      I'm trying to send (e-mail) a scheduled report every 2 hours.
      In the past (Pre NPM10.7) I would create the report in the Orion Report scheduler, which only allowed daily reporting.
      Then I could find the report under the Windows Task scheduler and edit it to send every 2 hours.
      In this case, I do not see any of my Scheduled reports in the Windows task scheduler.
      Where have they all gone, and how can I edit them to send them on a more frequent schedule?
      I am running Windows Server 2008 R2.

      I'm told this function has been removed from the Windows task scheduler, so it is no longer possible to send hourly alerts.

      That is, without setting up 12 separate times (every 2 hours) in the new web based report scheduler console to send alerts 7x24.

      In my book, that is a huge step backwards and completely unmanageable.

      Is anyone else missing this functionality?


      • Example1, we just had a huge windstorm which knocked out power to many monitored nodes in one region.I want to send a hourly e-mail update to management & directors with the currently down nodes in this region.


      • Example2, there is a company wide video presentation for the next 2 hours. I want to send 10 minute e-mail updates to management & directors with network utilization on or VPN infrastructure used by remote employees watching this presentation.


      I think you can see setting up a separate time alert for each e-mail interval is not sustainable, especially when it was such a simple thing to create a repeating action in Windows Task Scheduler.


      Now the (possible) good part:


      NCM Job Scheduler uses Cron to create scheduled repeating jobs at any interval you want.

      (We have used this functionality to gather interface statistics on our switches every 15 minutes)


      Is there some way to use this same Cron engine and GUI to schedule NPM reports?

      Here is the instructions from the NCM Job scheduler:

      An asterisk (*) can be used to specify each value in a range. For example, if you specify an asterisk for the day of the month range, the recurrence is daily. You can specify a range with a field or individual values. To specify a range use the dash (-). To specify individual values, use the comma (,) as a separator. For example, 1-5 in the day of the week range means Monday through Friday. 1,5 in the day of the week range means Monday and Friday.» Help me understand CRON expressions