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    How do you create an EVENTLOG monitor for TaskScheduler events?


      I am using IPMonitor 10.8.2.  I can successfully create monitors for Applications, Security, and System events using regular expressions for matching event text, but I cannot get the same monitors to work for the nested event areas.  Specifically, I am trying to monitor TaskScheduler events in Event Viewer --> Applications and Services Logs --> Microsoft --> Windows --> TaskScheduler --> Operational.  I have chosed "User Defined" for the "Event Area" with a value of "Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler/Operational".  I haven't found much in the way of documentation for this, so it's likely that I'm doing something wrong.  I have tried with and without setting up an administrative user in the "Credential for Monitoring" section.


      Does anyone else have monitors working for nested event areas in IPMonitor?  If so, what is the secret?