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    Where is apple push notifications setup?




      Just licensed WHD and on our firewall report we are seeing traffic from the help desk server to apple IP addresses on ports that are indicative of the Apple Push notification service for iDevices.


      We are not currently using any iDevices with the portal at this time.  I went into the settings on the portal and I can't see where this is configured.  I'd like to turn it off for now until we decide if and when we explore what's possible with integration with iPads / iPhones.  Currently the help desk is only available internally and the wifi network our corporate iDevices are managed to join to is in a different vlan which does not touch our internal resources.  Also when offsite (home / etc...) we wouldn't have access anyway.  So for now lets shut it down until we can do further research to decide if we need to do a DMZ / reverse proxy and poke holes through a firewall to allow offsite access without a VPN.