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    unintentionally change of ticket status


      Dear all,


      We came across an issue that we are looking into it for days and can't make neither head nor tail out of it. Maybe somebody came across this and can point us in the right direction to help to solve the issue.



      • WHD: 12.1.0
      • Licenses: 40



      We created a new group  with new techs, tech permissions, request types, status and an action rule.


      The plan:

      1. WHD checks an e-mail account and opens a ticket for each e-mail. The ticket will get a request type = "Test Support"
      2. An action rule will change the status of all tickets with request type "Test Support" to "Test open" (instead of open)
      3. Techs will take tickets from the "in-queue", work on the ticket and assign the ticket to themselves
      4. If the issue is dealt with the tech will change the status from "Test open" to "Test close"


      The issue:

      If a tech takes one of the tickets from the "queue" and assigns the ticket to themselves (eg Joe Bloggs takes the ticket from unassigned in-queue, deals with in and assigns the ticket to Joe Bloggs), the status changes from "Test open" to "open" this happens autocratically without any input. If the same person assigns the ticket to a different person everything is ok, the status won't change.


      This is an issue for us, because some e-mail templates will be triggered from "Test open".


      This only happens for 2x members of staff, the other 38 don't have the problem. Because those 2x people are in there own Tech Group, with their own permissions, with their specific action rule we thought it must have something to do with it, but we cannot find what triggers that if the two techs assign the ticket to themselves the status automatically changes.


      If somebody came across this before please let me know, any hint is highly appreciated.