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    Print Services for Windows Monitoring



      I was hoping someone could help me out in getting PrintService logs from our Windows 2008 R2 print server into LEM.  We are currently running LEM 6.1

      Here is what I have done so far:

      I enabled the Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational (& Admin) Event logs in the Windows Event Viewer

      I created the Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational (& Admin) reg keys per LEM KB - SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: PrintService Connector and Registry

      On the Print Server node I enabled the Print Services Connector as in the above KB.

      Just to be on the safe side after creating the regkey on the print server I rebooted it.


      In LEM I do not see any events coming in from this log.  I see them happening in the Windows Event Log though.


      If anyone can give any clues as to what I might be missing or what might be wrong I'd greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you,