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    Trying to combine ifname values in a sql querry


      Wondering if anyone can help me out on this:


      I want to customize the summary view page to contain a list of down interfaces that start with st.0*.


      I can filter within the custom down interfaces report for only 1 interface: either st0.0 or st0.1. I need both. Using the wildcard st0.* doesnt yield anything. I tried using AND between 'st0.0' AND 'st0.1' but this doesnt yield anything. alot of these interfaces are down, I know but I cant get both interfaces to run in the report


      pretty simple but having some problems getting it to work.


      IfName = 'st0.1' works by itself as the sql filter it also works with st0.1 but not with both. how can I get both to show up in the results?