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    Creating a multi-step approval process




      I have looked through the forums here and I apologize if I missed this solution, but I didn't see one.


      We are looking to setup a multi-step approval process in our ticket system.  We would like the store to request a job or item then the corporate office to approve or deny.  If approved it follows on to the district manager then the regional.  If all approve then the location is notified of the final decision.


      According to all the steps I have seen in the tutorial it is setup correctly, but I cannot get the approval to move to the second step.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thank you

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          How do you have Step 1 of your approval process defined?  e.g. is it going to a Client, to a Location Approver, to a Department Approver, or to a Change Advisory Board (CAB)?



          If you go into one of the tickets that is not moving on to Step 2, near the bottom of the Ticket Details page there should be a colored bar that represents the current approval status.  If it is pending approval, the bar will be yellow.  if it has completed the approval cycle it will be green.    I'll assume yours is yellow since it is still pending approval.


          If you click the plus sign   on the left of that yellow bar, it will expand and show you a second line underneath it.  When you do that, does it show an error like this? (please ignore that the screenshot is in French!)  If so, if you hover over that second line it should show you a message.

          2015-08-25 09_31_53- - Remote Desktop Connection.png


          The most common error there (like the one shown above) would be that you have your approval process set to use a Location Approver or Department Approver but you did not specify who has the approval role for each of the Locations or Departments.


          If you want to use one of those options (Location Approver or Department Approver) you must set it up so that there are roles and assign people to those roles.



          An example of how i would set up an Approval process using a Location-based approval process:

          I have an approval process for creating a New Report in a system and I want a manager from the submitter's Location to approve it for step 1 then I want a CAB to approve it for step 2.

          So, I:

          1. Go to Setup -> Processes -> Approver Roles -> Location Approver Roles tab and create a new role called "Report Approver".
          2. Go to Setup -> Processes -> Location Approvers and then for each Location i define someone to have that Report Approver role.   So perhaps John is the Report Approver for London but Mary has the Report Approver role for Paris, etc...    <-- if you don't do this, this is the main reason for the error in the screenshot above.
          3. Go to Setup -> Processes -> Change Advisory Boards and define a new CAB with a few members.  I would also specify how many of those members must approve.  (e.g.  i could add 4 people and say that at least 2 of them must approve).
          4. Go to Setup -> Processes -> Approval Processes and create an Approval Process called "New Report Approval".
            1. I set Step 1 to use "Location Approver" and then define that Location Approver to be the "Report Approval" role i made earlier.
            2. I set Step 2 to use the CAB i defined earlier.
          5. Go to Setup -> Tickets -> Request Types and define a Request Type called New Report Request.  In the definition for that Request Type i will tell it to use the "New Report Approval" Approval Process.