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    How Does the Database Freespace Alerts Collect Data for SQL 2012?


      I have a problem that there is event 1105 happen on database server(DB size is ~400GB): could not allocate space for object 'xxx' in database 'xxx' because the 'Primary' filegroup is full.Create disk space by deleting ...

      But when the issue happen,the "available space" of BMC patrol monitor(which is our standard monitor tool) show 5GB more than DPA alert (Database Freespace,caclulate size from percent),which is almost zero...),it seems that Database Freespace do not include the part 'unused' of "exec sp_spaceused",which is actually about 5GB,so I want to confirm if this is true or by accident?

      Pls advise the how does the Database Freespace Alerts collect data from SQL Database?