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    Calendar and tech scheduling


      Is there documentation anywhere on the utilization of the calendar feature in webhelpdesk and reporting thereof. We have a project with about 40 staff members who contact a number of individuals multiple times via mobile devices to assist them in various ways. They need to schedule calls and keep track of the results and create a history of interactions. Is this something viable for webhelpdesk?

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          The calendar will just track the information contained in Tickets relating to Due Time and Scheduled Time to Work.  There is not an ability to add additional Tasks, etc.. directly into the WHD calendar.


          There is not a mechanism to schedule communications/reminders on an ad hoc basis like that.


          When they do connect with someone, it is possible to define some "Quick Ticket" templates, so that when you go in to create a new ticket as a Tech you would just have to select which Client it was for and then choose an item from the Quick Ticket list (like "Basic Install Help - 15 minutes or less"    or   "Password Reset", etc...     Those templates can then fill in all the rest of the fields for you based on the template and you can then just Save  or Save And Email it.