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    Custom Poller Alert Via SQL


      I have a custom poller that I am attempting to create an alert around. Since this alert has two row IDs, I can't use the custom poller thresholds (for an up/down status) as the second row is always above the threshold. I've attempted to use the custom alert builder to look at just the specific row ID, but it doesn't seem to pull any nodes. So I've tried a SQL query. I can query this directly in SQL studio and I get the desired result. But when I put this into the alert, it tells me that there are no nodes.


      Here is the query:


      SELECT CustomPollerStatusTable.CustomPollerAssignmentID, CustomPollerStatusTable.CompressedRowID, CustomPollerStatusTable.FullLabel

      FROM CustomPollerStatusTable

      WHERE (

        CustomPollerStatusTable.PollerID = 'B84F8845-3EDF-43F6-BEB6-309EA5D77578' AND

        CustomPollerStatusTable.RowID = '40.6' AND

        CustomPollerStatusTable.Rate > 20000



      In SQL, I get an assignment ID and a compressed row ID back, but the alert never fires. Can someone help point me in the right direction?


      On another note, since going web-based, I'm disappointed that I can no longer build out a trigger, then switch over to SQL to see the code generated. Is there still a tool for this?