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    NetPerfmon DB tables


      Hello Everyone,


      we have an additional poller which is showing a different IP address in the poller details page. when i tried to look in the netperfmon database , i couldnt find the table that contains the polling engine details. In the earlier version it used to have the Engines table which had all the poller information. I do see the table Enginesold which shows the correct IP of the poller.

      But the WebUI shows a different IP.  can anyone tell me which table holds the poller information in the NPM 11.5.2 version.




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          The table is now named "AllEngines".

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            On the Additional Poller you may have multiple NICs configured. The first Registered NIC will report the IP Address of any of the Solarwinds Servers to include the Main server, and the Additional Web server.


            To change the default IP Shown, you will need to go onto the affected server and go into Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center> Change Adapter Setting> select Alt on the keyboard then Advanced> Advanced Settings.

            This will show all NIC Cards and the Binding order. Order is from top to bottom, so change the NIC with the IP you want shown at the top, then select OK.

            Once this is made, the Configuration Wizard would have to be ran to update the IP Address.

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              Thanks!  Yes we do have FOE in place, and i did check the adapter setting before, and it had the primary IP listed first and then the channel IP (for FOE).


              I did try failing over to secondary and then failing back, but no luck. when failed to secondary its taking the correct IP (IP of the secondary'primary' but when failed back its showing the channel IP of the primary.


              I am thinking to edit the table and update the correct IP and then run the Config wizard, that should work right?



              thanks again all.