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    Logging calls on behalf of a client


      We have a 30 day trial of WHD running that will record calls both for our internal IT services and for the services we manage for our clients.


      We have 2 sales people in customer services that take calls from clients and will be logging calls on their behalf.  Until we're happy with how we have WHD set up we don't want clients to have direct access, or to get email updates .  I'd like the two sales people to be able to log calls for any client.  However as we have nearly 300 client "company" entries set up in WHD it neither lends itself to them having a login per company nor for us to have a custom drop down field in the tickets with all the client company names in for them to choose from.  I want to avoid having to purchase additional tech licenses for this or it may not be cost effective to use this product.


      Does anyone have anything implemented that works for a situation like this?

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          You might be able to get away with granting them a a "Client Admin" role for the Locations they cover, which does not require a Tech license.  One of the options there is named "Client Admin Can Report for Others".  The name there is not super-clear, but it really means "can open tickets on behalf of other Clients."


          You can't apply a Client Admin role directly to a Company, but you can apply it to each Location that is 'owned' by a Company.  Unfortunately, I don't believe that you can en masse apply that role to all Locations through the GUI.


          As an example, here i have edited my ATL Location and made the Client named Demo Client a Client Admin for that Location and made sure it had "Client Admin Can Report for Others" checked.   Now when i go to create a ticket in the Client interface, i can see the option to put it in someone else's name here:

          2015-08-24 17_27_33-Web Help Desk.png


          If i were to do a search there, i could specify anyone from the Location(s) for which i was a Client Admin as long as i knew who to search for.