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    Meeting SLAs with child tickets


      Has anyone found a way to better control how child tickets count against SLAs?  The problem we are running into is when a manager creates a user termination ticket, but submits it 3 days ahead of time, all the child tickets which we can't act on get counted against us.  Not sure if this is more of a feature request or not but, maybe have the parent control the children in this way?


      Looking for thoughts / suggestions

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          can you put a "start date" in as a custom field (or a "don't action before" date) and then use this in any SLA calculation?

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            The only thing i can think of here is that if you have a Termination Task , that task can have multiple steps with each one going to whatever team needs to do that specific work. 


            A given step in that Task can have a setting that says "don't generate the next Task Element until the status of this one is in X status"  (typically "Closed" is the option chosen for X)


            So, you could have Task Element #1 in that Task be (essentially) a dummy ticket that gets assigned to the IT team perhaps that could have a subject telling IT to close this ticket when they are ready to process the termination.    Then, the rest of the Task Elements would be created since Task element 1 was closed.


            Kind of kludge-y but could potentially work.  The hardest part (from the Tech perspective) would be knowing/remembering to close that ticket on the 3rd day.

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