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    Alert on DRS


      Hi guys, new to VMAN - just looking to move what alerts we have in vSphere across to Solarwinds.


      Firstly, i am guessing there is no way to automatically import alerts created in vSphere into VMAN? (Just thought i'd check )


      One alert that is useful for us is to see when things have been migrated by the system, in vSphere - so if a VM moves between hosts.


      Is there a way to do this in the alerts web console? any help would be great.


      Also - one other question - i have seen taht alerts are not syncing up very quickly between the VMAN console and the 'active alerts' table on the web console of solarwinds. do i need to change anything in the configuration to make it work quicker?

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          unfortunately there is no way how to set such alert in VMan or VIM right at the moment. The only dirty thing coming to my mind is using Orion SDK so you would have to prepare small powershell script which would query the virtual machine entity in Swis with some reasonable interval (5 mins or so) and check if the host ID of those virtual machines was changed since last query.


          About syncing the alrets on VMan and Orion side. Can you describe what is the delay approximately? The data are sent from VMan to VIM with some delay (up to 1 or 2 mins). Then it can take tens of seconds till the data are really processed on Orion side. After that the alert should be triggered if applicable (many alerts are configured to be triggered after the alert condition is valid for more than XY minutes)