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    Is Storage Manager 5.1.0 capable of monitoring directly attached Dell MD3xxx



      I am currently in the process of rolling out the following in a test environment to try and diagnose and fix a fault in one of our live environments:

      • Storage Manager - 5.1.0
      • NPM - 10.4.1


      This test environment also makes use of:

      • Dell SMI-S Provider - 10.32.0G06.0002


      I have included a drawing of the basic block diagram of the system below:

      Block diagram.png

      I am trying to get the SolarWinds storage manager to talk to our MD3200 via it's management network. I am able to reach the MD3200 using the management network and view statistics using Dell's MD storage software.

      When trying to add it via the SolarWinds storage manager it is asking me for an 'Identifier', looking through documents this would normally be the WWN but this is not relevant for our setup.

      The crux of my question is:

      1) What would be the identifier in this kind of setup.
      2) Can the SolarWinds storage manager actually do what I want it to do, I.E. does it support directly attached MD3200?

      The goal of this exercise is to be able to monitor the disks at a bare metal level, we do not want to monitor it from the VMWare or FreeNAS level.

      Many thanks,