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    Updating Monitored Interfaces on a Node


      I'm trying to put a query together to find "unmonitored" UP interfaces on Nodes in my environment (so I can monitor them) and then (I want to DeSelect DOWN monitored interfaces); my environment is very fluid and generally I'm adding a "removing" interfaces on a constant basis (Lab/POC environment).


      I'm using the OrionSDK app and have queried Orion.UDT.Ports where NodeID = 'One of My Nodes' but the isMonitored (boolean) Column is not accurate based on what I see from the "list resources" in the Web GUI..


      From the Web Interface, I can Navigate to Nodes, select the Node that I want to "List Resources" for and then after the device is queried I can then Select/Deselect Interfaces I want to monitor statistics for..


      I'm running NPM 11.5.1