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    Custom Properities


      What are Custom Properties and what are they used for?  Do they have anything to do with the World Map?

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          I use custom properties to customize alerts.   When something goes down in a specific division It will email the person in charge of that division.  I also use the custom properties to sort by switch, router, firewall, server ....  

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            Creating Custom Properties

            Custom properties are additional fields, such as country, building, asset tag, or serial number, that you can define, associate with monitored network objects, and store in your Solarwinds database. After properties are added, they are available for display and filtering both within the Orion Web Console and within the Report Writer application. A few more examples of how custom properties may be used are as follows:

            Add information to nodes, such as contact, owner, or support contract.

            Add a custom property that is used as an account limitation on nodes.


            Add a custom property to nodes for grouping them on the web or in a report.

            Add a custom property and display it as an annotation on a chart.

            A collection of the most commonly used properties is provided with any SolarWinds Orion installation, or you can easily and efficiently build your own custom properties. For more information, see “Creating a Custom Property”.

            Once your custom property is defined, the Import Wizard allows you to populate your new property from either a text- or comma-delimited file. For more information, see “Importing Custom Property Data”.

            Alternatively, if you only have a few individual changes or additions, you may choose to make those changes using the Edit view. For more information, see “Editing Custom Properties”.

            You may also create external records by exporting custom properties for selected objects as a spreadsheet. For more information, see "Exporting Custom Property Data".