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      Is it possible to create your own report in the LEM Reports application?

      I want to run some reports of a few filters that i have created, but don't see any report tittle related to this. For example i am using the User Authentication Audit event for our cisco VPN. I tried to run the report using the Authentication title in LEM Reports. The only thing i see in the report is that the users logged off. I don't see any logon report of the VPN.

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          You can create a custom report, you just have to run a standard report then filter out using the filter expert.  Here is how I create a custom report for failed login attempts for domain admin accounts only.  Hope this helps.

          Try following these steps to get that done:

          1. Run the standard Failed Login Attempts report and use Select Expert to filter it to how you want the scheduled report to be
          2. Export it as a Crystal Reports .rpt format and save it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\CustomReports folder
          3. Back in the Settings tab of your Reports console, hit the yellow Refresh Reports List button at the very top left corner
          4. Change the Category to Custom Reports and find the Failed Login Attempts report there
          5. Run that custom report again to make sure it is filtering as expected
          6. If so, click the Schedule button and schedule it how you'd like

          Let me know if that works for you.

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              Thanks for the reply. But i found a report title i actually need. That is the User Authorization Audit in Resource Audit. With this i can get the exact report of the cisco VPN. Thanks Buddy.