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    Swql studio connection problem


      I been trying to connect to my main Solarwinds server with the swql studio. I setup an individual windows account in Solarwinds with my company’s AD. I keep getting a connection error unable to connect to information service. An error occurred when verifying for the message. I checked and stopped and restated the Solarwinds information service and Solarwinds information service 3.  It still will not connect from my laptop to the server or on the local Solarwinds server.


      Anyone have this problem before or was able to fix it?

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          What is the name and version of the SolarWinds product(s) on that server?


          What version of SWQL Studio?


          What server type are you specifying in the SWQL Studio connection dialog?


          Are the laptop and server on the same AD domain?

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              The following are the Solarwinds products.

              Orion 2015.2, NCM 7.4, SAM 6.2.1, NPM 11.5.2, IVIM 2.1.0, and DPA 9.2.0


              The version of SWQL studio is


              On the Server type I have been trying Orion (v3) and Orion (v3) AD.


              The laptop and server are on the same AD domain.

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                  Ok, no obvious issues there.


                  Are you able to connect SWQL Studio on that laptop to the server using an Orion account (not AD)?


                  How about using PowerShell from that laptop? "Connect-Swis -Hostname myserver -Trusted" will use AD auth.

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                      I made a new local Orion account and was able to login with  the SWQL studio.


                      Now I just need to be able to have a windows AD account login.


                      Thanks for you help!

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                          I made AD account and added it to Solarwinds under managed account. I still can't connect when I try to use an AD account.


                          Do I need to added the AD account to Solarwinds SQL Database ?

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                              More troubleshooting questions:


                              Are you able to connect with SWQL Studio using other AD accounts? In other words, is the problem specific to this account?


                              If you run SWQL Studio on the Orion server, can you connect using the AD account locally?


                              Finally, look in C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\InformationService\v3.0\Orion.InformationService.log on the Orion server and see if there is any more information about this error.

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                                  I made a normal account and a domain account and they both can't login. From my laptop or from the local Solarwinds Server.

                                      I'm checking the logs now.

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                                    I found error number 137

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                                        I can't really do anything with that number out of context. Can you copy and paste in the surrounding lines from the log file?

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                                            i faced same issue, and found solution - i see this thread is almost 1/2 year dead, but still it may be usefull for some.




                                               latest swql studio from github  2.x

                                               windows 10... no UAC, admin user


                                            server :

                                            solarwinds 11.5.3 in quite default setup.

                                            windows server 2012




                                            on client i tryed to connect to soalrwinds via swql,

                                            server    i put ip address

                                            username - i used admin

                                            type of connection  -Orion(v3)



                                            but i got error message url cant be opened ( cant copy past it here ) 



                                            i add on client to host file(located in windows...system32...drivers...etc...) line with  alias of server

                                            so when i am connecting, i am not using ip address, but hostname..

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                                                Super old I know, but I was getting the same message. As it turns out, I was trying to connect management studio to the server the database was on. Since the studio is making all requests through a web service I was able to connect by doing the following:


                                                1. Connect to the machine which has the Tools on it NOT the database server (the name of the management studio is very misleading.)

                                                2. Make sure your account has access to run things as admin
                                                3. Connect to NPM Website add your account to the users (Even if you are already in a group, add your AD account specifically) If your in the Admin group, just add your account with all the same permissions.
                                                4. From your local machine make sure you can telnet into the box with the NPM tools. Ping does not matter as you cannot specify port. *Note* when you run the telnet test, you do not have to login. If you get a response on that port, you are good to go.

                                                5. Connect SWSQL Management studio using AD



                                                Resolution steps:
                                                Issue on step 1 -> make sure machine allows remote connections, and you are granted access to the box with local admin rights.
                                                Issue on step 2 -> previous  answer will fix any issues on step 2
                                                Issue on step 3 -> If you cannot add users, or add all permissions to a user you are not in the admin group and need to be added.
                                                Issue on step 4 -> If you do not get a response from the box check you are added to the machine, make sure RDC is enabled, and port 17777 is open and communicating
                                                Issue on step 5 -> Go back to 1-4




                                                If screen shots on any steps are required. @ me and I will be happy to help. *Note* if you are a DBA, Database Engineer, or someone working exclusively in SQL this is NOT management studio. If you have access to the SQL server itself this can be a great tool for exposing properties etc but for raw view of the data, its better to use SQL server. One example / reason i can give off the top of my head. SWQL studio does NOT know that a NodesData table exists. SQL Server does. So if you are looking for a great property / node mapping view SWQL is awesome, if your looking for a deep dive use SQL Server (or whatever your RDBMS management studio is)



                                                As always, I am happy to help anyone where I can.


                                                Dr. JTJ