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    Backup/Alternate Approver


      How can I assign an alternate/backup approver when one of my approvers is on vacation or unavailable? 


      Would be nice to have a way to select an alternate, or have an alternate chain  that is activated after set period of time. Allowing for less than the total required approvers in a CAB is really not useful. If I want the CEO to approve every ticket unless he's unavailable, in which case the CFO approves, putting them both in a CAB and requiring only 1 of the 2 to approve doesn't solve the problem. The CFO might then approve when the CEO IS available, which is not the desired result.

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          This is not currently possible in WHD.   This is an excellent feature request.

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            Bumping this one back up to the top. Not really sure why this feature was overlooked. We are having lots of issues without this functionality. The approver being on vacation is a great example. We can't just ignore all of the tickets until the approver comes back from vacation.


            We also have a situation where a department has multiple people that have the authority to approve tickets. Now, we could put them all in a CAB and make it so if one of them approves it, its good to go. First problem with this is, the CAB will have to be constantly administered as it only accept people by name. It would be nice if we could populate a CAB with say a department/location approver role. Second problem, different departments would require different CAB's (unless you could populate the CAB with department/location approver roles), there is no way to set this up under the ticket request type.


            It would be much easier if we could select more than one approver per role or assign multiple roles to a CAB. Not quite sure of the best way to implement the backup approver only being able to approve when primary approver is out of the office.