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    Orion - Core Application - Server Forumn


      Hello all Thwackers...

                               I am fairly new (again) to the Orion platform.  I have been struggling with server performance issues (not terrible though) and maybe it is my lack of research ability, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on performance tuning for the server(s) themselves.  I saw a post out there a while ago when I was looking for good server tuning information and the person that responded to a post seemed to skirt the issue of the server performance and tried to focus on the application/module the individual was using.  We recently installed the 30 day trial of User Device Tracker.  Wow, that killed the system, but didn't know where to look or what might need to be changed.  Our typical page response times went from around 3-5 seconds to around 30 - 45 seconds.  After the 30 days were up I removed it and things luckily went back to normal.  My question is there a desire out there to have specific area dedicated specifically to Orion performance tuning, specs, best practices, etc.  I just have a hard time believing that everyone is satisfied with the current performance of their server(s).  Thanks and any input is appreciated.