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    Limiting via UDT ports?




      Currently our ITS support team is able to request vlan changes via the default vlan config change template that comes with NCM. My goal is to limit what they can see, and prevent them from requesting access to change uplink ports as well as restricting which vlans they can change. I've tried using custom properties but I can't seem to apply them to UDT ports. Has anyone implemented something like this before?


      A couple other options I've tried/thought of for limiting access.



      • Limiting them to only be able to see nonmonitored interfaces(as all our uplink ports are monitored)
      • Adding a custom property to UDT ports and limiting them to only be able to see those ports



      • Adding if statements to the config change template for each vlan (if vlan = 'blah' cli{change vlan} else exit)