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    Custom Reporting in Patch Manager- Top 10 by subnet?


      We are using Patch Manager, and I would like to create a report by location, which is most consistent when we use our subnets as the criteria. I want to have the report automatically run weekly and email a copy to a recipient list- I've figured that piece of it out. I've worked with the reporting in the Patch Manager GUI, and have come down to two issues-

      First issue: I'd like to only include the first 10 machines on each subnet. I'll be sorting on Assigned/Failed updates and Assigned/Failed percentage, so I'd like to only report the top ten failed machines. Any idea how to do this?


      Second issue: Which datasources should I use? Should these come from the WSUS Reports node, or Configuration Management? I'd like to make sure I am including third party updates in my reporting.


      Thanks- I appreciate the help!