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    LEM 6.2 Release Candidate Discussion & Info


      Before getting started, head on over to my LEM 6.2 RC Blog post!


      Once you're so excited that you can no longer control yourself, head over to your customer portal to download the LEM 6.2 RC to get started.

      As you make your way through all the new features and enhancements, submit all your comments, issues, thoughts, and anything else you might have about the LEM 6.2 RC here.


      And most importantly, enjoy!


      - the LEM Product Team

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          so during upgrade of the appliance i was left at the console and a blinking cursor right after which looked like a dump of my logs. No indication what to do - i hit enter and it rebooted


          After tried logging into the manager and got error "Flex Error #1001: Digest mismatch with RSL" - cleared my cache as all was good

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            Weird one for sure!  My LEM instance seemed to be functioning normally after upgrading to RC6.2, then all of a sudden yesterday at around 2pm data was flowing to my console, I could see data flowing in LEM, but I could not see any information in the OPS Center and nDepth could not query anything, not even the default 10 minute query was producing any data.

            I shutdown my browser, cleared cache, still nothing.  Restarted manager, still nothing.  Sometime over night, everything started working again.  Like I said, weird!!!!

            Had opened a case with Support, going to update and close, I guess things are fixed???  I'll update if anything else decides to drive me crazy!


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              I have successfully upgraded to 6.2 RC. All my rules and alerts are working fine. But I am getting this :


              failed attempt to update threat intelligence


              Is there an option somewhere to add a proxy server to get the feed ?